Announcing Amounts 3.0

Amounts 1.0 released nearly 10 years ago, on December 4th, 2013. Now in 2023, I have picked the project back up and am happy to announce the release of Amounts 3.0.

Amounts 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the original, but it still holds on to the core ideas and concept. Tracking is still completely manual, designed around blazing fast entry and categorization to make entering your expenses fun again. In the update, Amounts now has all new icons and a brand new color palette system to let you create great looking icons for your spending categories, and swap between looks at the tap of a button.

Charts are updated to be more useful than ever, with better legends and easier to read grid markings. See your overall spending levels with the bar chart, or get a feel for your category breakdowns with the stacked chart.

iCloud Sync is now available, allowing seamless sync between any iOS devices on your iCloud account. Entering transactions is easier than ever now that it can be done no matter what device is in front of you.

Amounts 3 is moving to a subscription model, but with a generous free tier. All basic functionality is included for free, including charts, full text search, iCloud sync, and custom categories. Upgrading gives you a ton of customization options, including icon palette switching, custom app icons, and way more category icon designs. Pro users also get access to full export options including CSV and database backups. All existing paid Amounts customers will get the lifetime Pro upgrade for free.

And that is just 3.0. On the roadmap are a ton of new features, including Apple Watch support, full macOS support, full iPad support, widgets, siri integration and more!