Frequently Asked Questions

I skipped importing my transactions and now have no data from Amounts 2, what can I do?

Do not delete the app! An update is on the way which adds a legacy import option in settings. In the meantime, you can open this URL on your iPhone: amounts://onboarding

This will open Amounts back into the onboarding state, which will bring back the import screen. If you are importing a lot of data, please leave the app open and the phone unlocked, it could take a few minutes to complete.

How do I delete a category?

To delete a category, simply swipe the category you wish to delete to the left in the categories list screen. This will reveal a delete button. When you delete a category, you will be given the option to also delete all transactions within the category, or to move the transactions into a different category.

How do I delete a transaction?

To delete a transaction, simply swipe the transaction you wish to delete to the left in the Amounts list screen. A delete button will be revealed. In a future update, you will be able to select multiple transactions for deletion.

How do I add an image to a transaction?

When creating a transaction, tap either the camera or photo library icon. This will let you take a photo, or select a photo from your photos library. You can add up to five photos to a transaction.

How do I recategorize transactions?

Currently the only way to recategorize a group of transactions is by deleting categories. When you delete a category you will be given the option to move transactions into a different category.

Will my Amounts 2 data work in Amounts 3?

The new onboarding process in Amounts 3 will detect your existing data, and perform a quick migration to our new data format. If you have issues with the import, please do not delete the app! Your original amounts data will remain intact, contact us if you have any issues.

I purchased Amounts in the past, do I need a subscription?

No! Original paid Amounts lifetime licenses are valid in Amounts 3. If you are having issues, please try tapping “Restore” on the purchase screen in Settings. If it is still not working, please contact us at

Do you support Apple Watch?

Apple Watch support is on the roadmap for later this year.

How do I create a recurring transaction?

Recurring transactions are coming later this year!